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The International Generic Drug Regulators Programme (IGDRP) was created in 2011 to promote collaboration and convergence of generic drug regulators in order to address challenges posed by increasing workloads, globalization and complexity of scientific issues.

Initially formed as a three year International Generic Drug Regulators Pilot ('IGDR Pilot'), at its seventh meeting in Singapore in November 2014 the achievements of the IGDRP led to its establishment as a permanent programme for international collaboration in the assessment of generic drugs.

Terms of Reference

IGDRP Terms of Reference (updated 30 June 2016)

IGDRP Roadmap to 2020

The availability of quality generic medicines plays an increasingly important role in helping to address rising health care costs and in promoting access to essential medicines worldwide. This, however, has led to significant pressures on regulatory authorities (RAs) tasked with the review and authorisation of these drug products. Among other objectives, the IGDRP initiative has the ambition to increase the efficiency of review procedures and reduce regulatory burden without comprising the safety, efficacy, and quality of generic medicines. Given these challenges, the benefits of regulatory cooperation, convergence and harmonisation have long been recognised.

The IGDRP Roadmap to 2020 describes these shared goals and objectives and makes available a strategic vision to articulate and guide the collective efforts of IGDRP in terms of where we are going and how we are going to get there. The document describes five overarching strategic priorities for the initiative as well the key objectives for each of these priorities. The IGDRP will develop and maintain strong, formal communication channels with other international initiatives and is currently developing performance measurement tools to assess the impact and success of the programme against its intended objectives.

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